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 Developing safe, responsible, and proficient firearm owners and operators in Wyoming!
****No in person classes are being scheduled at this time due to Wyoming Public Health Orders****

About the Instructor

*Nearly 19 years in environments requiring knowledge on the proper use of force. *Six years in the Marines, with approximately five of those years serving as a Scout Sniper and Scout Sniper Instructor. Approximately 15 months on a Hostage Rescue Team as the lead Sniper. *Nearly 13 years in law enforcement with duties on patrol, SWAT (assaulter and sniper), firearms instructor, and coroner death investigations. *Currently retired from government service, and running Firearms Safety Training LLC full time. *Passionate about developing safe, responsible, and proficient firearms owners and operators. *Motto is, “If you own a gun, know how to use it safely, be responsible, and be proficient!” *Another passion is Justifiable Self Defense. Researched, attended classes, and developed a class called Justifiable Self Defense: What is It? I believe if you own a gun for self-defense, you need to understand self-defense law.  (Certificates of training/certifications and education available for review upon request from certain organizations) 


Group/individual pricing available. Contact us about hosting a class in your area.

Wyoming based, veteran owned since 2018

As Americans, we have the right to personal firearm ownership. With that right, I believe, as with any right, comes responsibilities. We have free speech guaranteed as well, but you can’t run into a theater and yell fire for your entertainment. Quite simply, someone could get hurt in your action of yelling FIRE! for no cause. The same goes for firearm ownership. If you own a firearm, you should know how to safely handle, store, and be proficient with that firearm. If you aren’t, you or someone could get hurt. We strive at Firearms Safety Training LLC to develop safe, responsible, and proficient firearms owners and operators. We also try and reach people with our self-defense course. We educate firearm owners so that they understand when it may be appropriate to respond with force to a threat. We also teach situational awareness so you can recognize a threat before it is realized on you, so that you may be able to avoid even having to use force. If you can avoid using force, that is a major win for you! We offer group classes and individual training if desired. You can also contact us about hosting a class in your area.


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